Everybody was running toward the overturned petroleum tanker which had fallen just few km from Nairobi. Women and their children carrying jerican to fetch petrol which had form a stream after the tank started leaking.

There were those people who could tell how peril it was, ‘we can’t let money flow like this petrol ’this was what the fetchers could say. It becomes hard for them trying to stop them because there were those mind less people who could try to incite strike to the stoppers. There was no otherwise for them rather than to depart the place after they were snake -eyed  

After a few minutes the police arrived to the place. They stopped them because they had the power to, but there were those who still trying to fetch by force. Many were arrested and those who were left behind convene together, which seemed to have been conducting immoral ideas.

About a couple of minutes had pass, a very immediate and halting voice of frame exploded ‘boom’. More than a hundred and twenty died and were left a few survivors badly injured.

This brought a great distress ever happen in our country Kenya. Why do we care for money and forget the danger in the situation? We need to remember ‘all glitter are not gold’.


Love Burries

The wind was howling and the tree branches waived together to form a circular. At the centre of the circle where they sited holding each other like frozen dinosaurs.

They seemed to have fallen in love, but it seemed that one day Mary will give up. “Make a wish Mark”, said Mary. I would like to live without any disease and I also want to have you. When Mary heard that his eyes changed and looked frightened.

One day Mark invited Mary to a picnic, but Mary refused. “Hey Marks I want you to know that I can’t grant your request and from today on ward never call me your girlfriend. Mark became very devastated that, his face had gone white and a thick sweat was coming out from his forehead. Even though they broke up there were those sign you could tell Mary did this for a purpose.

After they broke up, Mark because of the love he had for Mary, he started abusing drugs. This made Mary to think hardly she’s the one causing all this. She visited Mark to consult him for what he was doing wasn’t totally enough to solve the problem they had.

Day after days passed after they reunion again. Mary still seemed to be hiding something. It seemed that when he will tell mark about it, Mark will not tolerate it. When she saw that mark is too much now she decided to tell him a secret she was hiding.   

“Mark why don’t we chaste because am suffering from a terrible disease that I don’t want to destroy your life”, said Mary. Mark laughed, “I know your intension Mary, don’t ever joke with me like that”. That night they had sex for Mark to be satisfied.  

“Why do you keep telling me you are affected by HIV/AID today we are going for test”, said Mark. Mark was absolutely exhausted with the result, they were both affected.

For now mark body weight has decreased this summer and he blames Mary for transmitting the disease to him. To me Mary wasn’t his fault but it was marks that looked for it. Make a wish to fulfill a wish.

Remember, a matter which you are ignorant is like a dark night

He was the prince of the village, who both boys and girls were running after. Not even the pretty girls could win his heart. None of them could match him.
”Eric,” as he was called, did not have a friend in the village. No one could tell who he really was, but I was the only person in the village who knew he was a drug addict. He rarely walked around during the day but always loitered around at night.

Eric’s mother was suffering from stroke attack. Whenever she looked at her son, she would change her looks and remain remorseful. No one knew the reason as to why she would do so.

One day, as I was escorting my friend to the bus stop, I met Erick and greeted him. When I asked him where he was heading to, I requested him to accompany us, since we were heading to one direction. He adamantly refused to accompany us and rushed.

On my way back home, I heard some murmurs next to the small bush that was lying around. I tiptoed to have a look at what was happening. As I moved closer and closer, I saw a man dressed on the same clothes Eric was wearing when I last saw him. It was him raping a woman and was holding a sharp knife on his hand. He had put on a mask to cover his face.

Immediately the woman saw me, she started screaming for help.When Eric noticed my presence, he threw the knife at me and it landed on my leg. I had a sharp cut and was bleeding profusely. I lay there helpless waiting for a Samaritan to help me.

The moment I realized, he would get violent, I decided to yell at the top of my voice. Luckily, the villagers came running with my father on the lead fully armed. Eric took off as fast as his feeble legs could carry him.

They rushed us to the hospital and I was discharged the following day after receiving treatment but left the other woman behind as she was still under medication.

The following day, the village elders came to inquire from me what happened. At first, I tried explaining myself but was unable to utter anything since I was still in deep shock. After a while, I broke the silence and told them the story. None of them believed his ears and I went to an extent of removing the exhibit I had with me. The shirt that Eric had left behind.

We went to the police station and I recorded the statement. When the police went fort him, they found that he had already committed suicide and the mother spoke for the first time, that it was Erick who raped her  and made her health deteriorate.


David quirk was different from the other orphans. He feed himself in garbage. My father was to raise him, but he had already adopted one. David always makes me laugh whenever am remorse, but those outside friend could call him a nerd that couldn’t change our friendship.


It was on Saturday, I was invited by one of my schoolmate to a library. At the library, I turned to read newspaper whereby a man who wanted a guy to assist him in working and the payment wasn’t bad.


That day I prayed for the remaining hours to quell faster. After library, I directly went to David’s house. “You know what David I have a miraculous news for you, are you going to accept it”, of course, said David.


Although I tried to help, David was having reasons why he doesn’t want to work in such job especially working for wealthy people. He could tell me that when employer notices that he is an orphan he will maltreat him.


After he realized his problems, that day we visited the man. When we reached there the house was well organized. The first thing we were to introduce ourselves. When the man heard that David is an orphan he was very happy, but he didn’t show off.


The man’s name was Derek. He was been accused of committing murder which he needed a guy like David to apply false witnesses to accuse David. When David noticed this it was too late.


When I heard this I felt in a very plight situation. Many people could accuse me that I have been paid to spy on David, but there were those people who could notice that I was trying to make David life wise especially David together with my father.


My father looked for a lawyer who will help David to be freed. The case was hard to solve, but God is always God and what he does no man in this earth can even attempt. One of the witnesses repented and told the court the whole truth. David was freed and Derek was to pay him for spoiling his name


Why do we do this to orphans, are they not like us. For the government I want to request you to provide projects for the orphans. Let us respect one another, remember when someone parents dies we are supposed to encourage them.


We could not express ourselves. Everything we needed for satisfactory we loosed. This happened at one village in Gatundu division.


It was on Monday morning, I woke up as usual preparing my self to go to school. I opened the window to examine the weather and it was so cool what I expected it to be. I maked sure that I have wake up my grandmother the time she ordered me to.


On my way to grandmother’s house, I met a bloody coat lying on my grandmother’s gate, without wasting a second; I rushed back to my uncle’s house. I banged it hardly so that they can open it faster as they could.” Follow me”, I requested and my uncle granted my request.


When we arrived there, he was shocked while his wife screamed to alert all the villagers. Almost all the villagers heard the screaming and they thought it was robbery so they carried large knives to maintain protection.


The village warriors followed the blood drops to the direction of the dead or injured man. On the same time when we arrived there the man died. Down there they left a message “our work will go on”


This was not the first time people in our village have been involved in such complains that if you buy a TV in the morning, at night they will come for it, that family would think one of them is a spy. Our division officer promised that they would secure the whole village.


That night my heart pounded widely and nausea gripped my stomach. The same hour we heard a distant screaming, I switched of the light and only our eyes could shine on dark like a silver jewelry splashed by the sun. 


The following day there was those villages who complained about that previous night, my TV is gone, my cow and many other assaults. The officer who promised to guard people agreed by saying, but in action he didn’t. This made people to take action. We called press to reach the information to the government.   


This brought a lot of problems to the poor villagers because we couldn’t afford to pay guards to secure our wealth and for those wealthy people they did.


Even today you can’t buy any expensive household, but if there is good security in our area, there could be development.


For the D.O acting in our district you are appointed there to serve people. for those people stealing, why do you depend on others.

It was on Sunday afternoon, many people walked  long distances  to where our M.P was having a word with the people, not only the ones who voted him, but anyone who felt  to attend the meeting.

Our MP was called Alex Njenga. wherever he went,one could identify him as the most powerful man in our district known as Thika. His stomach looked like a pressured balloon, that when making a step his waist could bounce like a ball

Alex had made promises to people who did not have jobs, especially the youths. In our division, in that district we had been going through many difficulties defending and working hard for him to win the election in order to fulfill people’s wishes.

This was the second time he promised to pay a visit to our village after the first one was postponed. Alex had  been eagerly waited for, by people to explain about the availability of job, water and security in our area.

It was at 3.00 pm and the meeting was to start half an hour later. People could ask one another whether the meeting was postponed like the previous one. We couldn’t believe what we heard with our own ears that Alex would not attending the meeting. He had to go to a meeting with his fellow mps on a capital talk, which he was not involved.

People were very disappointed, just imagine canceling a meeting of 3000 people because he wanted to join a talk that did not concern him. We left one by one feeling wasted.

When I reached home, I tuned on the TV. I frowned my face when I saw Alex on the TV mentioning about his problem forgetting about people’s wishes. ”My family need security for my enemies were hunting  me, ”that was all what he could say and what about our security, I asked myself.

He concluded by telling people to forgive him because of postponing the meeting people could not tolerate or not even to hear his request since he was worrying about himself. We need leaders who will provide development, equal distribution and positive change. I wonder, how can we be electing leaders who don’t care for us.

I will conclude by saying, if you do not manage your work when you have the opportunity, you will never have that opportunity to try again!.

The Final Day

Light began to flow from the morning sun. The high attic house pillars welcomed the sun by turning a silvery shine. The first sunbeam splashed from the window ledge onto the hairy chest of a sleeping man.

The man’s name was Richard. He was a wealthy man, but no one knew where he got his riches from. He lived together with his family in Thika and people in the area respected him because he has never had a quarrel with any one of the villagers.

Rich had a wife and two daughters. His wife was self-employed far away from where they lived. Richard had a big problem in that village because every woman was afraid of him and no one could tell why.

One day, as Rich was in the restroom, he summoned one of his house girls, “hey Debby wait for me in my room, I am coming.” Debby asked herself what could she have done wrong. Sadly, Rich arrived and said, “I want you to do what I will tell you, if you don’t, I am going to kill you because today you are my lover.”

Debby could do nothing to save herself. She was sexually harassed by Rich and was left disappointed. Debby now realized why girls hate him.

That night when Rich’s wife arrived at the house, she found the house so calm that it seemed like no one was around. She went to Debby’s room and found her packing her bags to leave.

“What’s wrong Debby?” she asked. “I can’t work here anymore, your husband is a bastard! Today I realized why girls hate him, it is because he is a rapist!” said Debby. “Shut up!” Rich’s wife interrupted, “are you mad? Get out of my house! Your intention is to cause trouble in my house.”

As they were arguing about Richard, they heard screams. They rushed to where the screams were coming from and what Rich’s wife saw was unbelievable. Rich was having sex with his own daughter. When the daughter saw her mom, she called for help. When Rich turned and saw his wife standing in the door, he ran towards her, but his wife hurried and locked the door. She rushed to the phone and called the police for help.

When the police came they arrested Rich and after two days he was taken to the law courts to face justice. The shocking thing was that what people expected didn’t happen, can you believe that Rich was jailed for just one year?!

After a short time, Rich was freed. Even one year wasn’t over yet. This made people take their own actions against him because they noticed there was corruption going on. People in that village would not sell to or buy anything from him.

Rich couldn’t overcome all that shame, resulting to him killing himself

I would like to request that the ruling leader to take these type of cases seriously and corrupt to be sacked. In my opinion, if I were the judge I would have jailed Rich for life. Now his ex-wife is suffering because of him and his daughter can’t be married, due to their culture. He has ruined their lives.